Top churches would rather pray the gay away.

A study by Church Clarity looked at the 100 largest churches in the United States to analyze how LGBT issues are handled. The study found that zero of the 100 churches have explicit LGBT affirming policies.

Meanwhile 35 of these churches explicitly reject LGBT people. Over half (54) of the top churches have an unclear stance on LGBT issues, with 11 keeping their LGBT policies undisclosed.

The denomination most likely to reject LGBT people is the Southern Baptist Church at 62 percent. Independent Christian Churches come second, with 47 percent of them rejecting LGBT people.

“Part of the reason we chose to release this now is because the New Year is a time when people decide to re-engage with religion by attending church,” said Church Clarity Co-Founder Tim Schraeder. “As people of faith commit to new resolutions, we wanted to set them up for success by helping them make the most informed decision.”

The vast majority of these megachurches are led by white men — 93 percent led by a white pastor, and 99 are men.

“We hope that increased clarity will inspire necessary questions and waves of change within the church,” said George Mekhail. “As we close out 2017, we’ll continue to verify church submissions to our database and score churches’ actively enforced policies that impact LGBTQ individuals.”

Despite none of the 100 churches affirming LGBT people, they are out there. Church Clarity published info on 537 churches and determined 90 were LGBT-affirming.