Gay Skier Says Focus on Her Skis

Gay athletes are often closeted or keep a discrete profile so as not to damage their reputation in the public eye. However, Ireen Wüst came out prior to the Olympic Games during an interview granted to a Dutch publication in 2009.

In it, she mentions having been in a relationship for more than a year. Now, however, Wüst feels the press devoted too much time to what goes on in her bedroom, as opposed to on the ice.

“I want to talk about ice skating,” said Ireen Wüst in a recent interview with European lesbian website “You are not asking Steven Kramer,” another Dutch Olympian, “about how his relationship is going. So why would you ask me?”

The 23-year-old Dutch speed skater is not happy that her relationship with another Olympian has caught the public’s eye. Sanne van Kerkhof, also of Holland, 22 is her partner and Dutch short track speed racer.

Wüst feels that if her relationship were not with another woman—and Olympic competitor—it would not be gossip-worthy. Yet, it is interesting to note that she told the press about her relationship in October. In the age of digital media she or her handlers should have told her the information might get more than a mere passing comment in the press.

Ryan Quinn, a gay cross country skier in the 2006 Winter Olympics has been quoted as saying, “athletes who are gay have nothing material to gain by coming out publicly.”

If they have nothing to gain why does the LGBT public ask every time the winter or summer games come around: where are the gay athletes? /ASF.



Coop Sued for Hole in Floor

An Interior decorator by the name of Killian O’Brien, who is a resident of Brooklyn, is suing famous CNN anchor Anderson Cooper after falling through a hole in the floor at the New York City firehouse he is renovating into a home.

The poor woman reportedly fell through the hole where the firehouse pole once stood, falling an estimated seventeen feet to the floor below! The incident took place at Coop’s property last ‘Fall.’ ‘Fall,’ get it?

The suit charges the anchor with carelessness and negligence in leaving holes in the floor exposed. Typically, a homeowner’s liability policy would cover the injuries O’Brien sustained. The building developer is also named as a defendant. Neil Greenberg, the plaintiff’s lawyer, says his client is “lucky she’s alive… The hole should have been securely covered.” Greenberg stated. “The poles were removed. Somebody opened up the coverings before she got there.”

The New York firehouse, located in Manhattan, was built in 1906. It was the former home of a unit of the Fire Patrol, a private firefighting organization backed by the insurance industry.


Reps Comments on Anal Sex Stir You Tube Frenzy

Here is a piece off running through the YouTube warehouse which proves why a newspaper has to be interactive and have online sites. It even may be too graphic for younger readers.

Last week, a New Hampshire state representative warned—very graphically—that schools would be required to teach students the intricacies of gay sex with gay marriage on the books.

“We’re talking about taking the penis of a man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wriggling it around in excrement,” said Nancy Elliott at a recent session. “And you have to think, would I want that to be done to me?”

Elliott, a Republican on the house judiciary committee, sponsored a bill in January to define marriage in the state constitution as a union only for heterosexual couples. The committee rejected the bill Tuesday in a 12-8 vote. Same-sex marriage has been legal in New Hampshire for five weeks.

Not much longer if she has her way. Her mistake, of course, one typically made by too many straight people, is that they think all same sex relationships are about sex and nothing else.