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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender news bites...


Florida Police Intervene in Lesbian Dildo Altercation

(SFGN) A Florida woman was charged with domestic battery after “shoving a dildo” in her partner’s face and grabbing her arm during an argument, according to St. Petersburg police.

A St. Petersburg police officer was present when the confrontation occurred in the home of Annette Kielhurn and Gamze Capaner-Ridley reports the Smoking Gun. Capaner-Ridley had filed a domestic violence injunction against Kielhurn the previous day, and the officer was there to oversee the removal of Capaner-Ridley’s belongings.

The officer had issued Kielhurn a warning when she had shoved Capaner-Ridley during an argument over ownership of a dress earlier. When Kielhurn again became physical over ownership of a dildo, the officer placed Kielhurn under arrest for domestic battery.


Scott Walker on Boy Scouts' Ban on Gay Leaders

(EDGE) Republican presidential contender Scott Walker is struggling with the issue of gay Boy Scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts of America has taken steps to end the blanket ban on gay adult leaders and let Scout units set their own policy.

That prompted Wisconsin's governor to express support for the ban. The governor told the Independent Journal Review website the ban "protected children and advanced Scout values."

Afterward, he tried to clarify the statement, saying he did not mean physical protection from gay leaders but protection of boys from the public debate.

Now, though, he's no longer saying the ban should remain. He says that's for the scouting organization to decide.

Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union," Walker also said he doesn't know whether being gay is a choice.


Loraine Hutchins calls out Huff Po on Bi Erasure

(SFGN) “I write to express my concern at the bisexual erasure language in your HuffPo piece. I'm glad you wrote it and I share the core of its sentiments but leaving out bi people from the litany of those who benefit from the SCOTUS decision is simply not ok. Alternating it with references to LGBT (thus putting the B back in, along with the T) is merely confusing. I thought you had my back. I thought you understand what being a bi ally is about. I thought you understood that bi people have been a KEY part of the marriage equality battle from the beginning, whether recognized or not.”

Hutchins’ response was in regard to the article "After Marriage Equality, What Will We Create Next?," and the author has since devoted another column in apology. ( )


Instagram and Twitter Hide Jenner Hashtag to Shield Negative ESPY Comments

(EDGE) Searching #CaitlynJenner on Instagram or Twitter recently returns a resoundingly positive response to Jenner's appearance on the ESPY's.

According to the Daily Mail, Instagram and Twitter have "hidden the hash tag 'CaitlynJenner' to conceal hateful and abusive comments as the former Olympian received her ESPY award..."

"The block came into force during Caitlyn's 10-minute acceptance speech, in which she issued an appeal for compassion on behalf of trans youth.

"An outcry erupted when late teenage basketball player Lauren Hill, was passed over for the award. Hill achieved her goal of playing college basketball while battling an inoperable brain tumor and raising money for cancer research."

Twitter spokesperson Nu Wexler referred to an interview with Vijaya Gadde, the company's general counsel in the Washington Post in April.

"In addition to improving users' ability to control their own Twitter experiences, in recent months we have invested heavily in tools and enforcement solutions that enable us to better detect, act on and limit the reach of abusive content."