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The ethnic and racially diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, N.Y. has become the site of violently anti-gay leafleting as flyers calling for the death of gay people were placed under car windshields and apartment doorways.

The fliers, which were written in both Spanish and English, quote biblical passages, including Romans 1:18-32, which reads:

"Men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error... deserve to die."

"It is deplorable and disgusting," openly gay city council member Daniel Dromm told The Jackson Heights Post. "It's wrong and needs to be condemned."

"It is frightening when you first see stuff like this," Dromm added. "However, I, and all gay people, have learned to live with this hatred."

Andrès Duque tweeted about the fliers to local station PIX 11.

"As someone who lived in Jackson Heights for more than 15 years," he told PIX11 in a direct message. "I can say that as diverse as the neighborhood is, it is also incredibly welcoming to the gay community that make the neighborhood a home. These flyers are in no way representative of the neighborhood and I'd be willing to bet they came from individuals who do not live in the neighborhood."

Jackson Heights is the site of the yearly Queens LGBT Pride march and festival, which draws more than 40,000 spectators each year.