New Federal Judge Has Ties to Anti-Gay ‘Hate Group’

allison Jones rushing. Credit: U.s. govt

Allison Jones Rushing, 36, is one of the youngest and least experienced members of the federal judiciary. She also associates herself with anti-LGBT hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has previously attempted to ban same-sex marriage and criminalize homosexuality both in the U.S. and abroad, NBC News reports. Rushing interned for the group in 2005, and has spoken at ADF from 2012 to 2017, though she claims she doesn’t support their anti-LGBT agenda. 

Ian Wilhite, a spokesperson from Lambda Legal, an LGBT legal group, said Trump didn’t confirm her despite her connections to the hate group, but because of them.

“Throughout her brief legal career, Allison Rushing has supported and closely associated herself with one of the most extreme anti-LGBT organizations operating in this country today, the Alliance Defending Freedom,” Wilhite told NBC News. “Rather than disqualifying her from consideration, this aspect of her record seems to have made up for all of the other deficiencies in her record.”