A North Carolina man with a history of mental illness and incarceration is running for mayor of the suburban Charlotte city of Kings Mountain with the campaign promise that he'll throw all homosexuals in jail, Kings Mountain Herald reports.

"What's wrong with eradicating homosexuals? We should jail them, throw them all in jail!" said Eugene Holmes. "If you elect me, I'll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina."

The law Holmes is referring to is the state's law against sodomy, which was nullified by the United States Supreme Court in 2003. North Carolina is one of 12 states that still has an anti-sodomy law on the books.

Holmes told Fox46 Charlotte that if he can't keep homosexuals out of his town he'll do his best to keep them out of town hall.

"I promise you I will never ever hire a queer in my administration," he said.

Holmes, who is open about his past prison record (he served time for a theft conviction and has pending charges that include disorderly conduct and trespassing at a local flea market where he works), also spent time in a state-run psychiatric facility where he was diagnosed as suffering from "religious hallucinations."

"You would probably classify me as someone needing help," Holmes said. "I'm not a rocket scientist. But I do believe in holiness, in the Bible." As for gays, he said, "There is no way that a queer could be saved."