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(PGN) Christine Leinonen moved the crowd at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday to their feet, and many of them to tears. 

Leinonen’s son, Christopher, was killed along with his boyfriend and 47 others last month in the mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub. 

Christopher started a gay-straight alliance at his high school, for which he won an award. He was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, his mother said. 

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Leinonen said the weapon her son’s killer used fired 30 rounds per minute. 

“Where was common sense the day my son died?” she asked about the need for gun control. “I never want any of you to have to ask that about your child. That’s why I support Hillary Clinton.”

Gay filmmaker Lee Daniels, of Philadelphia, came before Leinonen, also calling for gun control, while Conn. Sen. Chris Murphy and the daughter of a victim of the Newtown mass shooting followed.