Miss Utah Runs as First Bisexual Miss USA Contestant

Rachel Slawson. Photo via Facebook.

Rachel Slawson, 25, won the Miss Utah pageant this month, and is moving on to be the first openly bisexual candidate to run in the Miss USA pageant. 

Slawson first spoke about her bisexuality onstage in this year’s Miss Utah pageant and won, after losing five times before, CNN reported. She’s also open about her bipolar disorder and suicide attempt at 19, making mental health and suicide awareness her main pageant platforms.

"After years of trying to be somebody else, it turns out being yourself is what works," Slawson told CNN.

The Miss USA pageant date hasn’t been announced yet, but Slawson told CNN she’d be touring local schools to discuss suicide prevention and sexuality acceptance.

“Pageantry comes with an allure of perfection, and I don't think that's changed," she told CNN. "I just think that the definitions of beauty and perfection are expanding."