Minnesota Pastor to Create Gender Identity Inclusive Denomination

Via Wikimedia

The United Methodist Church strengthened rules against gay weddings and ordinations. Now, clergy who marry gay people, or who are gay themselves will face penalties. Some methodist pastors are furious with the decision, and are now saying they’ll create a new denomination.

Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard of Hamline Church in St. Paul, is one of the leaders who wants to create a new sect of Christianity. One that’s more open to sexual and gender variations, according to Twin Cities Pioneer Press. 

“Pastors like me are heartbroken, anguished, mad and frustrated,” Tollgaard said. “The outcome is the inevitable death of the United Methodist Church as it currently stands.”

A Methodist church in Minnesota was one of the first places in the country to marry a gay couple in 1971, and many Minnesota churches support gay marriage.