Republicans in Michigan are attempting to label a gay congressional candidate a pedophile.

Jon Hoadley, the Democratic nominee in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, is under attack by GOP groups about blog posts from his past. The National Republican Congressional Committee has taken to referring to Hoadley, a state representative from Kalamazoo, as a “pedo sex poet.”

“We have seen more of these homophobic attacks this cycle than any of the last three cycles,” declared the LGBTQ Victory Fund in a press release on Thursday. “The need to call out these attacks as well-beyond the normal politics of destruction is essential. Falsely claiming an openly gay candidate for public office is a pedophile is abhorrent — especially from the main campaign arm of Congressional Republicans.”

Michigan’s 6th Congressional District sits southwest of Grand Rapids and across a great lake from Chicago. Fred Upton, 67, is the incumbent representative, first elected in 1987.

Upton has said nothing of the attempts to tarnish Hoadley’s character.

The district, which former President Barack Obama won in 2008, is viewed as trending more Democratic this cycle.

“Because of 150,000 deaths from COVID and a collapsing economy, Congressman Fred Upton’s chances of getting reelected are drowning so quickly that the Republicans have mistaken bad college poetry for a life preserver,” a spokeswoman for the Hoadley campaign told the New York Post.

The Log Cabin Republicans told the Detroit News Hoadley "knows better than to describe children and women so dismissively."

"That 'catty gay' trope does nothing but continue to embarrass the LGBTQ community," Charles Moran, managing director for the Log Cabin Republicans, told the Detroit News.

Hoadley would be the first openly LGBT Michigander elected to Congress. He apologized last month for the blog.

"I said things 16 years ago that I would never say today. That are not reflective of who I am," Hoadley said. "For folks that I hurt with my words, I'm sorry."