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On May 21, in small town Saginaw, Michigan, the city council struck down a nondiscrimination ordinance act, voting 9-0 against it.

During the conference, supporters of the bill argued that it would be good for local business to end discrimination, showing support for LGBT and ally entrepreneurs, according to the Huffington Post.

According to Michigan Live, during the conference, in an argument against supporters, Councilman Dan Fitzpatrick compared gays and LGBT allies to Nazis.

Fitzpatrick said, “Most people know my position. What I’m totally amazed at is a number of people I’ve talked to or heard from say, ‘Come on, just pass this thing.’ Find out what it means later. Well how does that sound? Doesn’t matter if it’s bad, fix it. Fix it later. It’s going to happen eventually; just get with it. Be progressive. In about 1933 there was a real big youth movement in Germany called the party of national socialists. A lot of people said, ‘you know, I don’t like them. I don’t know; I don’t understand. But, man, they’re good for business.”

Fitzpatrick’s comments sparked controversy. According to Michigan Live, Fitzpatrick tried to fix what he said, stating that he wasn’t comparing gays to Nazis. Fitzpatrick said he was comparing what is happening now to what happened back then.

“Just the idea that just because something comes from the youth community, or a small subculture of youth or a subculture of our community, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good,” said Fitzpatrick.