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Michigan police recently arrested two men for robbing a gay man in Lansing, Mich. after meeting him on Craigslist, local news station WLSN 6 reported on Dec. 18.

The incident took place when Aaron Spyker and Aadrian Tupper, who were not armed, first met up with the unidentified victim.

"They got together as they arranged to and over the course of things went bad, we've alleged that the defendants came there with the intent to rob, and they did," Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III told WLSN 6.

The duo were charged with unarmed robbery, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy to commit those crimes.

Dunnings said he is unsure if Spyker and Tupper are part of the LGBT community but added they targeted the LGBT community for their crimes - authorities believe the men may be involved in a similar case where a gay man was robbed by men he met on Craigslist.

"They feel that those people aren't going to report to the police, because of you know their status. They worry about the stigma or whatever, but if anyone is out there that's been victimized, I don't really care, anything about that stuff, you're a victim, you're a victim, and we will do what we can to vindicate your rights," Dunnings said.