Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen to the top of the polls in New Hampshire for the first time according to a Monmouth University Poll released Thursday. His numbers have doubled since Monmouth’s last poll in September.

New Hampshire votes Feb. 11. 

Buttigieg now stands at 20 percent with the other top tier candidates close behind. All of the top four are within the margin of error effectively creating a four-way tie. 

Buttigieg and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are the only two top tier candidates who have significantly gained between the two polls. Buttigieg rose 10 points and Sanders, 6. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden comes in second with 19 percent, a 6 point dip from September; Sanders is in third with 18 percent; and Warren is in fourth with 15 percent, a 12 point dip from September. 

No other candidate has more than 6 percent support. 

In Iowa, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday, Buttigieg is in a three way tie for first place at 23 percent along with Biden and Sanders.  

However on Friday the Des Moines Register released a poll showing Buttigieg had fallen to third place with 16 percent after surging to first place in their poll in November. Sanders now leads in Iowa for the first time with 20 percent. Warren is at 17 percent and Biden is at 15 percent. Each of the four top tier candidates have now led in Iowa at some point. Now other candidate has more than 6 percent in the Iowa poll.