A Michigan man was slapped with a jail sentence Thursday for using a baseball bat to threaten patrons at a gay bar in April, Grand Rapids, Mich., ABC-affiliate station WZZM13 reports.

Christopher Allen Scott, 58, who has a history of disruptive behavior at downtown venues in Grand Rapids, was sentenced to nine months in Kent County jail after being convicted on a felonious assault charge.

Scott admitted that he went to the Apartment Lounge, a gay bar, on April 29 twice. After leaving the bar the first time, he said he left to buy a baseball bat. He came back with the bat and Scott said in court "some people were pretty nervous about the whole thing."

Scott "angrily slammed" the bat into the bar and threatened to "bash the next 'gay-stick'" that came into the bar, according to court documents.

"Is gay-bashing your habit?'' Kent County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Leiber asked, according to WZZM13.

Scott replied: "No, your honor. It was random. I was there in 2005 and treated nicely.''

According to WZZM13, police wrote in an affidavit that Scott has a history of disrupting venues in downtown Grand Rapids.

He has two misdemeanor convictions for trespassing. He also has a drunk driving arrest from the same night he attacked the Apartment Lounge, according to the court documents.

Scott was sentenced to a year in prison in 2012 for malicious destruction of police or fire property and domestic violence. He was discharged from his sentence in March 2013.

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