An outbreak of violence interrupted a Mississippi vigil that was held last week on Wednesday for a transgender woman the day after her death.

After a candlelight vigil for Kiwi Herring, transgender activists protested and were violently disrupted by a man driving through the crowded street and mowing down several people with his Mercedes.

“Several kicked the Mercedes and climbed on the hood,” The Riverfront Times reports, noting that video footage exists to corroborate these claims. “After a few moments, the video shows, the Mercedes surges forward, sending people tumbling into the street before speeding off around the corner.”

The driver has been identified as 59-year-old Mark Colao, who, according to the Times, “steered his black Mercedes around three other cars that had stopped for protesters who were blocking the intersection of Sarah Street and Manchester Avenue.”

"Colao accelerated and then hit the brakes as he reached the edge of the crowd.”

He has been charged with resisting arrest, leaving the scene of an accident and operating a motor vehicle in a careless manner. He was stopped a block away from the incident and taken into custody.

The day prior, Herring was shot and killed by police officers after police responded to reports of domestic issues.

Hours before they arrived, Herring used a knife to slash into her spouse’s face, arms and torso. Herring used the same knife to cleave one of the officers over the shoulder before police promptly shot and killed her.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis police told the Huffington Post an investigation was ongoing. The officers are currently on administrative leave. Herring’s spouse was also taken into custody due to “involvement in the assault,” St. Louis Police Chief Larry O’Toole told THP.

Kiwi’s sister-in-law Crevonda Nance told the publication that police “filed charges of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon” against her sibling. “We don’t know why those charges have been filed.”

An initial police response on the matter misgendered Herring as male, discouraging the deceased Herring’s family and friends, who wished to make clear that Herring identified as female.

Nance told THP she wants everyone to remain calm until they can learn more information.

“I don’t want people out causing trouble,” Nance said. “Yes, black lives matter. I agree, but I also feel all lives matter. Color or sexual orientation doesn’t. Kiwi was a human being created by god and that matters.”

Watch the video below.