A man was allegedly attacked by at least three men, who also hurled anti-gay slurs towards him, in Seattle's gay neighborhood of Capitol Hill early Monday morning, the Seattle Times reports.

According to Seattle police, three or four men beat the victim while he was smoking a cigarette outside around 1:30 a.m. The authorities add that the man could not describe the group who attacked him, however. The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports the attackers called the victim a "faggot" and that the victim did not know his attackers.

A nearby resident called 911 and told the operator the victim had been shot, a police report says.

The victim, who remains nameless, suffered injuries to his face and head and was taken to the nearby hospital of Harborview Medical Center.

"Right now we're looking for the suspects in this case. This is the kind of behavior Seattle doesn't stand for," Seattle police spokesman Patrick Michaud told the Seattle Times.

Cops searched the area of the incident for the suspects but could not find the attackers.

It is reported that the Seattle police bias crimes unit, which deals with hate crimes, will review the case.

Seattle's Capitol Hill is home to several bars and clubs, many of which cater to LGBT clientele.

From our media partner EDGE