Here's what you need to know this week for lesbian, bisexual, and trans news!


Lesbian – Highly-Anticipated Lesbian Web Series Put on Hold Due to Brexit

Investors have pulled out of a highly-anticipated web series because of the unstable UK economy following Brexit.

Different For Girls, an adaptation of Jacquie Lawrence’s novel of the same name, is a drama following a group of lesbian and bisexual women in West London whose lives revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce, according to Pink News.

The L Word’s Rachel Shelley and Heather Peace from Lip Service were to be the stars of the series, and filming was expected to start this month.

The web series was projected to be a response to television’s “Dead Lesbian Syndrome (DLS) – the increasingly high rate of lesbian characters being killed in television shows,” Lawrence said. “In reality the constant ‘disposal’ of lesbian characters has an acute impact on younger viewers who are struggling with their sexuality.”

Lawrence is confident that the series will eventually enter production.

“Different For Girls is not dead. Director Campbell X, producer Fizz Milton and myself see a bigger, bolder, bolder and better Different For Girls.”


Bisexual – ‘Elle’ Is Making History with Trans and Bisexual Women on Dual September Covers

This year, Elle UK will print four different September covers, one of which will feature Amandla Stenberg who recently came out as bisexual and nonbinary, according to Style.Mic. Another cover will feature transgender actress and model Hari Nef.

Beyond her acting career, Stenberg has become a voice for young women, especially those of color, using her Tumblr page to speak out against race and homosexuality. She said that she would prefer to use “they” pronouns privately, but uses “she” and “her” for public use.

“As someone who identifies as a black, bisexual woman, I’ve been through it all and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable.” said Stenberg.

In a Tumblr Q&A she said, “I cannot separate my gender from my race from my sexual orientation. They’re all interconnected and they’re all intersectional.”

Stenberg and Nef hope that these covers are a step toward bringing other marginalized identities to the center of the fashion world.


Transgender – Two Trans Women Win Congressional Primaries

(DV) Two trans women won primaries on Tuesday, June 28, and will be on the ballot for a U.S. House and a U.S. Senate seat.

Oddly, both are named Misty.

Utah Democrats chose Misty Snow to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Mike Lee. Democrats in Colorado’s 5th Congressional district, which includes Colorado Springs, chose Misty Plowright as their nominee. The district includes the headquarters of the anti-gay hate group Focus on the Family.

Snow won by 20 points after her opponent came out in favor of restrictions on abortion rights. Plowright is an army veteran who beat her opponent by 16 points.

Both are considered long shots in the general election. Outside of Salt Lake City, Utah is a solidly Republican state and the Colorado Springs area is extremely conservative, even if the rest of the state is not.