Down on the bayou, some Republicans are not thrilled Brittney Griner is home.

The central committee of the Louisiana Republican Party voted to condemn the deal that freed Griner. The basketball star was discussed during a GOP meeting last weekend, reported the Louisiana Illuminator

In a voice vote, committee members objected to the prisoner swap that returned the two-time Olympic gold medalist to American soil. The original resolution, reportedly, included a reference to Griner as “LGBTQ woke.”

The meeting was held in Lafayette, La., not far from the LSU campus, where Griner’s college coach is now employed. Kim Mulkey, who coached Griner at Baylor, refused to comment during her imprisonment, issuing a brief statement upon her release last December.

“God is good. Prayers are powerful,” Mulkey said.

Arrested and imprisoned in Russia on drug smuggling charges, Griner served 10 months in prison before being released in a swap for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout. The deal, negotiated by the State Department, was heavily criticized by conservatives who felt Paul Whelan, a detained former U.S. Marine, was a greater priority. 

“For Biden to give Putin a dangerous arms dealer – someone known as ‘The Merchant of Death’ – is weak and disgusting,” tweeted U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL). “Doing so while leaving Paul behind is unforgivable.”


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