The National Gay Media Association announced today all 12 of its member papers have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president – an unprecedented move.

Some of these papers have never endorsed a candidate before.

The National Gay Media Association is a trade association of the nation's major-market legacy LGBT newspapers, which include Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco), Washington Blade, Philadelphia Gay News, Dallas Voice, Windy City Times (Chicago), Between the Lines (Detroit), Bay Windows (Boston), Georgia Voice, SFGN, Watermark (Orlando and Tampa Bay), Gay City News (New York), and The Pride LA.

NGMA members have a combined circulation in print and online of more than one million readers per week.

"This race for president is showing this country a clear choice of moving backward or moving forward on LGBTQ and other human rights," NGMA spokesperson Tracy Baim, publisher of Windy City Times, said in a press release. "We know that the LGBTQ community is made up of diverse political voices. But the homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-immigrant and sexist nature of Republican candidate Donald Trump means that we can't sit on the sidelines this election season."

Just last week Clinton wrote an Op-Ed for the Philadelphia Gay News on LGBT rights, the first time a major party presidential candidate has done so for an LGBT publication.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be elected president, I’ll protect the progress we’ve fought so hard to achieve—and I’ll keep fighting until every American can live free from discrimination and prejudice,” she wrote.


Here’s what a few of the newspapers had to say:


Dallas Voice

“Dallas Voice offers a direct and fervent endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Politics is never easy, but the decision to endorse in this pivotal time is essential. The stakes have never been so high for our community. Our families and marriages are at risk. We stand with Hillary.”


Washington Blade

“Clinton has pledged to support the Equality Act, to allow transgender people to serve openly in the U.S. military and to end widely discredited ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy for minors. In addition, she has said she would expand access to HIV prevention and treatment; confront disproportionate violence facing transgender people, especially trans women of color; and continue her work as former secretary of state on international LGBT rights. She has consistently raised LGBT issues during the primary season, making them a centerpiece of her campaign.”


South Florida Gay News

“Every election is important, but this year, the Republican Party has been hijacked by an insurrectionist who preaches hate, not humility; division, not democracy. Donald Trump has proved himself to still be a spoiled little brat; a rich kid without class or grace, dignity or demeanor. Trump’s candidacy not only brings out white supremacists, racists and divisive voices in America, but he embraces these hateful warriors. From David Duke to birthers challenging Barack Obama, Trump gives life to those who would mock the disabled, discriminate against gays, or suppress the working class. His candidacy is vile and vitriolic.”


The Pride LA

“Donald Trump has shown he has no loyalty to anyone on any issue, in particular to LGBT issues.  Trump likes to say he’d be a better President for the LGBT community and offers up donations and ties between the Clinton Foundation and donations from nations that routinely impose the death penalty for homosexuality as evidence.  Yet, his selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the most notoriously anti-gay politician who ever ran on a national ticket, as his running mate, tells you everything you need to know about the ever devolving Donald Trump. He says he wants to make ‘America Great Again,’ but that is a dog whistle of hate to forces who despise us and who vow to do all they can to reverse the political, legal and social gains LGBT people have made in the past several decades, particularly the past 8 years.”


In addition EDGE Media Network, an online LGBT news website, also issued an endorsement for Hillary this week writing:

“EDGE has never endorsed any political candidate of any stripe for any position in our 12-year history. So why, when Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls and a media-munching oligarch with comparatively little campaign ground structure stands ineffectively opposed to her, start now? Because, as LGBT citizens, we've seen the power of hate. We've witnessed how it flows, crests and ebbs. We've suffered under the unfortunate consequences of its periodic bloom. And we cannot afford to remain idle while even a remote possibility exists that it could grab hold of the top office in the land.”