The Victory Fund reports that for the first time in history, LGBT candidates ran this year from every state, as well as in Washington, D.C. and Guam.

Currently, there are 577 LGBT elected officials. In this election cycle, 618 known LGBT candidates ran and 399 of them made it to the November ballot.

Mississippi and South Dakota had the fewest candidates with one each. Neither state has an LGBT elected official.

In only three states — Delaware, Mississippi and New Mexico — no LGBT candidates made it to the November ballot.

California and Texas had the most LGBT candidates run.

California already has 105 LGBT elected officials. Of the 81 who ran in primaries, 57 made it to the ballot.

Texas only had 16 open LGBT officials. Of the 61 who ran in primaries, 37 will be on the ballot when early voting begins on Monday. At least one — Jessica Gonzalez — is assured election to the Texas House. She has no opposition.

The states with no LGBT elected officials are Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Dakota.

Victory Fund endorsed 272 openly LGBTQ candidates in 2018 — the most in its 27-year history — and 226 of those endorsees will be on the ballot in November.