An LGBT gun control activist group protested along the streets of Manhattan Monday night in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting Sunday.

Starting in Union Square, marchers for Gays Against Guns walked up Broadway up to Time Square, where they staged a demonstration. According to Pink News, around 100 protesters took part in the march.

Demonstrators carried signs with pro-gun control messages and others were clad in all white to represent those who had died from gun violence.

“We’re not confrontational, but we engage with people and ask them to consider the facts,” the GAG website said on the protest. “It can be uncomfortable at times, but this is what must happen if we want to change minds and save lives.”

Public Advocate Letitia James spoke along with rally organizer Kevin Hertzog about the National Rifle Association’s connection to many politicians through donations and the need for laws to prevent these incidents.

White shrouded people

“All that we are asking for is responsible gun laws, so that terrorists don’t get guns, and those suffering from mental illness don’t get guns,” she said to the crowd.

The Las Vegas Massacre, which caused the death of 59 people and left over 500 injured, took over the Pulse Nightclub shooting as the deadliest mass shooting incident in American history. 49 people died during the Pulse shooting, and 58 were injured.

According to LOGO’s NewNowNext, GAG formed in the wake of Pulse.