Lesbian Woman Steps in As Planned Parenthood Spokesperson

Dawn Laguens. Photo via all.org.

Planned Parenthood has a new spokesperson after the departure of their CEO.

Dawn Laguens, the executive vice president of Planned Parenthood, took over the role for Cecile Richards after she announced she would step down in January, according to the Advocate. Laguens will serve as the public face of the organization during the transition period.

"Basically I’ve been training with the master; [Richards is] like the Jedi Master of being out there, and I’ve had a great time over the last years being also out and giving a lot of speeches and being in the media, so it’s not all new, but it’s definitely another level," she said.

Laguens said she has pride in the fact that her organization provides a wide range of health services for LGBT people, including hormone treatment and PrEP.

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