When the White House Press Secretary referred to Lori Lightfoot as the “derelict mayor of Chicago,” she brushed it off with a quip “Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth.” 

This was the second time she defended herself against “haters.”

The first time was during her campaign for mayor when homophobic campaign flyers surfaced in Chicago that targeted her in 2019, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lightfoot during a City Hall news conference said, “hate has no place in Chicago.”

“Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth” was in a response to a tweet quoting McEnany during a briefing earlier Thursday when McEnany attacked Lightfoot’s job performance as mayor.

Hey Karen Watch your mouth

“Karen” is used as a mocking term describing a middle-aged White woman as rude, obnoxious, and insufferable, according to the urban dictionary.

During the briefing on Thursday, McEnany was asked about a quote by President Trump during his interview with CBS News in which he said, “More white people are killed,” as an answer to why Black people are still being killed by police officers. McEnany explained that Trump was referring to a fact that when you look at unarmed killings with police officers in the U.S., that you had nine unarmed Black individuals who were fatally shot and 19 unarmed White individuals. She said that’s down from 38 and 32 in 2015.

She also listed the names of kids who have died across the U.S. 

“It is unacceptable, and under this President, he’ll take action,” she said. “And the derelict mayor of Chicago should step up and ask for federal help because she’s doing a very poor job at securing her streets.”

The interviewer then explained they were talking about people dying at the hands of police officers, in which McEnany moved the conversation onto another topic. 

Another interviewer tried to circle back around to the data McEnany was referring to about White people being killed more than Black people by police officers, in which she replied, “I’ve already read out that data to you … go fact-check on the Washington Post.”

McEnany attacked Lightfoot’s job performance again when the topic switched to COVID-19, and why people aren’t seeing it as the President’s biggest public priority.

“[COVID] is a top priority of this administration,” McEnany replied. “But there are other things the President has to focus on: namely, Democrat cities not controlling their streets … [like] the mayor of Chicago — people [are] dying ... on the streets of her city every weekend. And the President sent her a letter saying, ‘You must secure your city.’”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lightfoot said Trump likes to use the city of Chicago “as a political punching bag.”

“If you go back over many years, President Trump has said a lot of disparaging things about the city of Chicago,” Lightfoot said.

In an interview with MSNBC, The Hill reported that Lightfoot pinned blame for the violence on Trump, saying "too many illegal guns on our street" were the direct result of “failure of federal leadership."

She then voiced her support for Joe Biden, saying “we need the kind of leadership that [he’ll] bring to our country," as reported by The Hill.