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Lesbian Rapper announced for Jamaican Concert

(SFGN) Brit Jam 2017, scheduled to take place in Jamaica between March 8 and March 14, will feature Brookyln-born, Puerto Rican and Jamaican rapper, Young M.A., Jamaican tabloid The Star reports. Young M.A. is also an out lesbian. 

In an October interview with Vogue, Young M.A. said that coming out as an artist in a genre known for its homophobia helped her as a rapper.

“I held in being sexually attracted to women for so long that once I got that out of me, the music became easy.”

Event manager and record producer Zum doesn’t anticipate Young M.A.’s out status being an issue.

"People don't care about her sexual preference. They just like her music,” Zum told The Star. “This is the first lesbian rapper to dominate the rap scene, so this is history in the making, and Brit Jam is the first to bring her to Jamaica." 

Jamaica has been largely considered one of the “most homophobic countries in the world” since the release of a 2012 report on the country’s human rights. But Zum says Jamaican audiences may be more accepting in this case because of Young M.A.’s gender. 

"We tend to accept females in Jamaica. Once it's a woman, it's fine with us. But if it was a man, I know some people wouldn't like that," he said.

Young M.A.’s songs include “Quiet Storm” and “Ooouuu” which reached number 19 on Billboard’s Hot 100 last year. 


Granny Knits Sweater for Granddaughter’s Coming Out, Goes Viral

(SFGN) Suna Huls, a resident of the Netherlands, was pleasantly surprised to find out that a photo of her grandmother went viral over the weekend, LGBTQ Nation reports.

Suna Huls @sunahuls4

@perfdun damn didn't know my grandma went viral ???????????? I will show her this next week. She is going to lose her shit

The Instagram photo in question features Huls’ grandmother showcasing the sweater she’d knitted, complete with a rainbow across the chest in honor of Huls’ coming out as bisexual. 

Called my grandma today, to tell her she is internet famous. You guys have no idea how happy she is! Thank you! #lgbt #rainbowgrandma

Huls tweeted on Sunday.