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In response to a barrage of anti-LGBT bills, Equality Federation created a Legislative Action Center to empower state-based LGBT organizations to fight back.

“We have a game plan to stop these attacks,” said Equality Federation Executive Director Rebecca Isaacs, in a news release. “We can target the right people at the right time with the right message to defeat these bills.”

On its website, Equality Federation is tracking each state’s anti-LGBT bills, outlining the bill’s intent and providing a date for when its next reading or vote is scheduled. Bills preventing transgender people from accessing restrooms have been filed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia and South Dakota, just to name a few.

In Florida, the Federation is hoping to advance a key bill protecting LGBT people in the workplace, housing and public accommodations. The bill, commonly referred to as the Competitive Workforce Act, is expected to receive a committee vote this session after years of languishing in Tallahassee without a hearing. Other Florida bills being tracked by the Federation have to do with changes to parental listings on birth certificates and exemptions for religious organizations.

“Equality Federation is better networked with national and state-based LGBTQ and allied organizations than ever,” said Amanda McLain-Snipes, Organizational Development & Training Manager, in a news release. “We have the tools to hammer our opponents with effective messaging. We get the big picture so we can identify trends across the nation. We share strategic information with each locality on how to win.”

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