Aniya Wolf, lesbian, was asked to appear on 'Always Sunny' after being kicked out of prom

(PGN) The lesbian who got kicked out of her prom near Harrisburg for wearing a suit may well appear on an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

In a Twitter exchange yesterday, Rob McElhenney, the show’s creator and a Philadelphia native, mentioned Aniya Wolf in a tweet that said, “Aniya, I love your suit. Would u like to wear it on Sunny?”

“You are kidding right??” Wolf responded.

McElhenney, who plays Mac on the show, said the crew would be in Philadelphia the last week of June.

“We need a little extra style and class,” he tweeted. “Can you help us?”

“yes!!! I would love to help you!” Wolf replied.

Wolf was kicked out of her prom at Bishop McDevitt Catholic High School. The school said parents were informed of the prom dress code requiring formal dresses for girls months in advance. Wolf's mother has said she received a last-minute email about it.



Bisexuals Found to be more Depressed than Gay People or Lesbians

In a recent Drexel University study it was found that young bisexual women tend to have much higher rates of suicidal thoughts than both straight and lesbian women.

Bisexual people face “unique stressors such as stereotypes that bisexuals are promiscuous or that bisexuality is ‘just a phase,’” according to Annie Shearer, an assistant of the Drexel study.

Feeling alienated not only from heterosexuals, but from the gay and lesbian community as well could be a major contributor to the mental health differences between bisexuals and other sexual minorities.

“[S]ome people still refuse to acknowledge bisexual and other non-binary identities as legitimate, which I think can be very harmful to those who can’t — and shouldn’t have to — identify as exclusively heterosexual or homosexual,” said Shearer.

The Drexel researchers concluded, “Invisibility and a lack of community support may contribute to the higher incidence of mental health problems among bisexual persons.”



Trans Rocker Burns Birth Certificate During NC Show

The punk rock band Against Me! held a concert in Durham, N.C., Sunday night to protest the state's controversial anti-LGBT law, which prohibits transgender people from using public facilities (like bathrooms) that correspond to their gender identity. 

The band's lead singer Laura Jane Grace, who came out as a trans woman in 2012, previously promised to "create an event around the show." During the concert, the singer burned her birth certificate on stage, according to the Washington Post.

"Goodbye, gender," she said.

When Grace revealed she would not cancel her performance in North Carolina, she told BuzzFeed in an interview: "I'm going to create an event around the show as a form of protest to say that despite whatever stupid laws they enact, trans people are not going to be scared. They are not going to go away."