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Lesbian Couple Sues N.J. Over Fertility Health Coverage Law

(SFGN) A lesbian couple in New Jersey says they were unfairly prevented from getting health insurance coverage for infertility treatments, CBS News reports (

Since marrying in 2013, Erin and Marianna Krupa have spent more than $50,000 on various infertility treatments in order to help build their family. But due to New Jersey state law, the insurance coverage which could have paid for all those treatments has been denied to the couple.

New Jersey is one of 15 states which requires insurance companies to cover fertility treatments. However, the couple was initially denied coverage because, under the wording of the New Jersey law, women their age are considered infertile if they’re “not able to conceive after two years of unprotected intercourse.”

Now the Krupas, along with another lesbian couple, have filed a federal lawsuit against the head of the state agency that regulates insurance companies, claiming the law discriminates based on sex and sexual orientation.

Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, is sponsoring a bill to update the language of the insurance mandate to allow it to apply to same-sex couples.


Study Claims Bi Men Make Better Lovers

(SFGN) A recent study conducted by Deakin School of Health and Social Development in Australia reports that women in relationships with bisexual men believe them to be better lovers and fathers than heterosexual men, the Daily Mail reports (

The study, conducted by lecturer Dr. Maria Pallota-Chiarolli, interviewed 78 Australian women in intimate relationships with bisexual men. The findings from the study will be part of an upcoming book, “Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men – Bi Men by Women.”

Women interviewed were between the ages of 19 to 65 and had been in monogamous, open, or polyamorous marital relationships with bi men. Dr. Palllota-Chiarolli says she conducted the study in order to examine the negative stereotypes regarding bisexual men, that they are not trustworthy, more likely to have affairs and more likely to transmit STDs to their partners.

Many of the women praised the “emotional depth, sexual intimacy and equitable gender dynamic of their mixed-orientation relationship”, said Palllota-Chiarolli in a statement.

“A common element among all the women in healthy and happy relationships was open communication with their partners as they designed, negotiated and maintained the ground rules and boundaries of their relationships.”


Matt Bomer Faces Twitter Backlash over Trans Movie Role

(SFGN) Matt Bomer will play the role of a transgender woman and sex worker in the upcoming movie “Anything,” based on the Timothy McNeil play of the same name.  The casting announcement sparked a backlash on social media over the casting of a cisgender male actor playing a trans woman.

Critics include actress Jen Richards, who auditioned for the role and responded on Twitter, trans musician Mya Byrne, who wrote an open letter to co-producer Mark Ruffalo in the Huffington Post (, and Sense8 actress Jamie Clayton.

In an excerpt, Byrne writes, "There are many qualified trans actors and writers who could have played in and advised on the construction of the scenes you're about to edit into a motion picture. They will lose more work because of this. We know you have good intentions. But those intentions have far-reaching after-effects that you, as cis men, don't experience."

Despite the call for Bomer’s role in “Anything” to be recast, Ruffalo says it is impossible because the film has already been shot.