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Lesbian - Hipsters Broke Her Gaydar

(SFGN) Writer, humorist, and lesbian Krista Burton’s op-ed for The New York Time observes:

In cities, trendy young people — queer and straight, male, female and non-binary — are blending together, look-wise. That’s because mainstream style is now hipster style. But here’s the thing: Hipster style is just queer style, particularly queer women’s style.

Put another way: Lesbians invented hipsters.

Burton is a writer for the online magazine Rookie, and the humor-blogger behind “Effing Dykes.”

In the Times article, “Hipsters Broke My Gaydar,” Burton describes some of her indicators of lesbian culture that have since become mainstream hipster culture:

Give me your undercuts, your messenger bags, your androgynous “dapper” clothing. Give me your commitment to environmentally friendly transportation, your $8 cider (the only gluten-free option at the bar) and the password to your Etsy store where you sell cloth menstrual pads screen-printed with astrological symbols. Your coffee mug stamped with the words “Male Tears” — give it to me.

The humor piece is sparking some light hearted conversation online about the appropriation of queer culture. But all in all it can be seen as a unifying message because, as Burton notes, “You’re all lesbians now, America.”
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Bisexual - The Top 10 Bisexual Stories of 2016 from LGBTQNation

(SFGN) In addition to the accomplishments achieved by bisexual activists, politicians and athlete’s some of LGBTQ Nations most popular bisexual stories included several coming out stories. Of their top 10 most-read bisexual stories of 2016, six were coming out announcements, including: Sara Ramirez of “Grey’s Anatomy” (#1), Aubrey Plaza of “Parks and Recreation” (#3) Stephanie Beatriz of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (#4) Pembroke Pines-born Bella Thorne (#5) and, according to Bobby Brown, the late Whitney Houston (#8). The sixth coming out story was that of a 13-year-old boy in London coming out to his stepfather, which the stepfather later shared on Reddit (#2). 

The other four stories were:

6. British bisexual teen gay-bashed on last day of school

7.What’s the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?

9. Research confirms: Bisexual men make the best lovers

10. TV’s lovable new bisexual character is bucking all the stereotypes

(referring to the character of Darryl on the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”)

Some honorable mentions that did not make it into the top ten were the election of Oregon Governor Kat Brown, the first elected out LGBTQ governor, who also came out as a survivor of domestic abuse, and boxer Nicola Adams being named OutSport’s Female Athlete of the Year.


Transgender - Fort Lauderdale Tourism Campaign features Trans Models

(SFGN) On New Year’s Eve, Fort Lauderdale tourism launched its 2017 “Hello Sunny” campaign with a series of ads featuring transgender models. The advertising campaign was created by Starmark international, based out of Fort Lauderdale, for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, AdWeek reports.

The campaign kicked off with two videos. The first began running Saturday morning and depicts two men and two women sailing off of Fort Lauderdale Beach wearing NYE party hats and sipping champagne while a caption reads “Hello, sunny, Hello 2017, Greater Fort Lauderdale.” 

The featured trans model is Venezuelan, Isabella Santiago, Miss World Transgender 2014.

The second ad, which began running on Monday, depicts the same four, without the NYE regalia, sailing through Fort Lauderdale with the caption “Hello, winter blues.”

The videos appeared on two billboards in New York’s Times Square. The full ad campaign (which also features members of the SFGN family) will run in outlets including The New York Times', T Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Trib Magazine and GQ, AdWeek reports.

You can watch the videos and the check out the rest of the Hello Sunny campaign by visiting or following @VisitLauderdale.