Wearing pink knitted “pussy” hats, people stormed the United States capital in protest coinciding with the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump. Now, more men are stepping up with a “protest armor” of their own.

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A new organization, the Kiss My Trump Foundation, is launching a $20 pair of underwear against Trump. 

It’s a “battle-tested pair of underwear that show Trump exactly what we think of him,” said the foundation, “Using a part of our body that only men have.”

The pair of fitted boxers sports a star-spangled blue waistband and an illustration of Trump kissing a baby form of Hillary Clinton surrounded by secret service, Bernie Sanders and other American-clad spectators. Trump’s kissing face is placed just above the underwear’s front flap.

The organization has taken up a new definition for the word “trump:” “The male genital organ of higher vertebrates, carrying the duct for the transfer of sperm during copulation.”

While it may be dissuading to potential customers who may not have the “parts” the website designates for its products, all profits go towards LGBT-centered organizations including The Trevor Project, Equality Florida, The Milk Institute, SAGE, Equality Now and more. The underwear is available in limited quantities.

Check out the trailer here. The underwear is available to purchase here.