Jonathan Van Ness Fires back at Bernie Sanders Campaign

Jonathan Van Ness. Photo via Jonathan Van Ness, Facebook

A Bernie Sanders campaign has developed a reputation for social media bullying and a campaign official has been fired after it was revealed that he ran a private Twitter account which was bashing other candidates and their supporters. 

One of his tweets targeted “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness after he came out as HIV positive.  

Jonathan Van Ness trying to look hot while Daddy Ronald Reagan watches him die of AIDS,” the campaign official wrote.  

Van Ness spoke out about the controversy on Twitter, sharing How many senior Bernie staffers saw these tweets for months and promoted their behavior? Its commonplace I endure this by extreme Bernie supporters daily. The change has to come from inside their campaign.”

While the campaign has terminated the official, a number of supporters continue to tweet in support of the staffer.