It’s not just about cake.

On its surface the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission may seem like a benign legal case, but the founders of Open to All, a new national campaign, wants to make sure people know how dangerous this case may be for the LGBT community.

“If the Supreme Court gives businesses a constitutional right to discriminate, it would have implications that reach far beyond bakeries,” said Ineke Mushovic, executive director of the Movement Advancement Project (MAP).

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Dec. 5. The case focuses on a 2012 discrimination incident involving a gay couple. When the pair requested a cake for their wedding reception, they were denied service from the bakery, igniting a civil rights battle.

Due to the media not shining a light on the repercussions for LGBT people that can come from this case, Open to All was formed to inform and educate the public. The campaign, which has been supported by more than 75 organizations, is dedicated to building a discussion and understanding of the nation’s nondiscrimination laws.

The Open to All campaign has launched a website to give individuals a chance to discover the frightening implications that come from businesses saying “we don’t serve your kind.”

The site features two advertisements, “We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here” and “License to Discriminate,” which illustrate a world where discrimination can become the reality.

“If the Court carves out a broad exemption in nondiscrimination laws for so-called ‘creative’ enterprises, we could see an explosion of discrimination by restaurants, hair salons, event venues, funeral parlors and more,” Mushovic said. “And the impact of such a decision wouldn’t be limited to LGBT people; it could be used to allow discrimination against people of color, women, minority faiths, people with disabilities, and others.”

Creators of the campaign have encouraged the public to use their social media graphic section featured on the site, to help spread the word nationwide. You can also find the campaign on social media at @OpentoAllofUS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.