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On the Wednesday episode of the "700 Club," televangelist Pat Robertson appeared resigned to the fact that the United States Supreme Court may rule in favor of marriage equality, when he advised a viewer to "get on your knees and pray and let the Lord take care of it.." Right Wing Watch reports.

During the "Bring It On" segment, a viewer identified as "Jacob" wrote in:

My son recently got married to another man, and now he and his husband are trying to adopt a child. I feel this would be unfair for the child. What should I do?

"I think you ought to pray about it, and I think you ought to speak out about it. If you sincerely believe as I do that it's wrong and violating the scripture then they need to know it," Robertson said.

"This so-called lifestyle - I just can't believe it, they have tried to destroy marriage," Robertson continued, completely ignoring the fact that the question was about adoption. "Marriage is between a man and a woman and they've now brought cases to the Supreme Court saying, well, the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and so forth. So what should you do? You better get on your knees and pray and let the Lord take care of it because there isn't a whole lot else you can do."

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