An Iowa man who spoke as a teenager to protect his mothers right to marriage is now running for a position the state’s senate.

Zach Wahls went viral in 2011 when he spoke to the Iowa House Judiciary Committee any laws against marriage equality, according to PinkNews. Wahls asked lawmakers in his state not to pass a law in the state constitution that would not recognize same sex marriages.

Now, Wahl is running as a democrat in Iowa’s District 37. Retiring democrat Bob Dvorsky currently holds the seat.

“Healthcare, education, and workers’ rights are under attack here in Iowa, and we need somebody like Zach who can stand up and speak truth to power,” Wahls’ high school teacher Mitch Gross said on his fundraising page. “Even though it feels like it was just yesterday that he was a student in my U.S. History class, he already has a strong track record of leadership and doing the right thing.”

Wahls has also founded Scouts For Equality, a group that was part of the push to end the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay scouts.