Intersex Veteran asks Court For Gender Neutral Passport

Dana Zzyym. Photo via Facebook

Lawyers representing Dana Zzyym, an intersex and nonbinary Navy veteran, argued last Wednesday that the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals should uphold a ruling from a lower court that the U.S. State Department cannot deny them a neutral gender passport.

The State Department rejected Zzyym’s request for a passport with a gender neutral marker in 2014, so they filed a lawsuit with Lamda Legal and won in three separate rulings, Metro Weekly reported. But the State Department still requires either a male or female gender marker.

“We appeared before the Tenth Circuit today to urge the court not to permit the State Department to force a U.S. Navy veteran to lie on their passport application,” Paul Castillo, of Lambda Legal, said in a statement, according to Metro Weekly.

Ten other nations currently offer a third gender option of “X” on passports and other IDs.