The Department of Health is considering redefining gender to male or female at the time of birth, according to The New York Times. But what about those born with both male and female sex characteristics?

 The report doesn’t mention anything about intersex people, and some individuals are afraid the Trump administration will erase their group, according to The Guardian.

“Every single thing I fought for would be taken away from me. People with power and control are dictating and stigmatizing you with labels that aren’t true,” Anunnaki Ray Marquez, who was born intersex, told The Guardian. 

This would affect their ability to get correct documents. It could also encourage the genital surgeries that cause “physical and emotional scarring for decades.” The World Health Organization has formally condemned unnecessary, non-consensual surgeries.

“I was born with an intersex body, and it caused so much alarm and disgust that they tried to put me in one box, and it failed,” Sean Saifa Wall said. “Doctors are literally every day attempting to erase intersex bodies.”