A pastor from Indiana was arrested earlier this month and is being accused of soliciting and sexually harassing a gay man by grabbing the victim's genitals, WLKY reports.

According to the victim, who remains anonymous, Gaylard Williams, a 59-year-old pastor at Praise Cathedral Church of God (a church which totes an anti-gay message) in Seymour, Ind., approached him on Dec. 12 at Cypress Lake in Indiana while he sat in his car. Williams asked the young man to roll down his window and that's when the pastor allegedly grabbed the man's genitals, asking for oral sex.

Court documents say that officers reported Williams fled after the victim acted like he was reaching for a gun and told him he was "barking up the wrong tree." The victim then called police to report the incident and give the authorities Williams' license plate information.

Police found the pastor and discovered he had gay porn in his car. But as Gay Star News points out, Williams' church preaches anti-gay messages and tells his congregation to "glorify God in our body and which avoid the fulfillment of the lust of the flesh" and that gay marriage is a sin.

Williams appeared in court last Tuesday and was charged with battery. He posted a $355 bond and is now free.

"I guess when you hear of a pastor getting caught of that, you get a little more shocked than I guess somebody else. But we're all sinners," Caleb Funke, youth director of another local church said of Williams, his neighbor.