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Sam Williams, grandson of country music pioneer Hank Williams, recently came out.

On an episode of Apple Music’s Proud Radio with Hunter Kelly, the 25-year-old crooner, said he identifies as gay.

“I mean, people at my label know and people in my personal life know, but this is the first time, that I’ve ever been, besides a show or two, that I’ve ever been public about it,” Sam said.

Sam is currently promoting his new album, Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown. Tour dates have yet to be announced.

Sam is one of Hank Williams, Jr.’s four children. Williams, Jr., aka Bocephus, kept the family name on top with iconic songs like, “A Country Boy Can Survive.” In 2011, he ran afoul of the politically correct police and had his Monday Night Football anthem yanked from the air. 

Bocephus hasn’t publicly commented on his son’s coming out.

Sam lost his mother, Mary Jane Thomas, in March of this year following an elective cosmetic surgery in Palm Beach County. The unexpected death came not long after the tragic passing of his sister, Kate, in a 2020 car crash in Tennessee.

“There’s a lot of pain burned into my DNA,” Sam said. “But pain can be a beautiful thing if you know how to deal with it.”