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An Idaho state senator wants to eliminate the requirement for a state marriage license and replace it with the recording of a marriage certificate with the county recorder. 

Some see it as a way to eventually target marriage equality.

In fact, when the bill was initially put on the agenda it stated, “This legislation eliminates the marriage license. Marriage in Idaho will consist of a man and a woman meeting legal qualifications, a marriage ceremony or solemnization and recording of a marriage certificate by the person performing the solemnization.”

The item was later removed and then later added again without mentioning same-sex marriage. Sen. Scott Herndon has since refuted his bill as having anything to do with same-sex marriage.

“If it’s not about gay marriage, what’s the purpose? What’s Herndon trying to do here?” writes Scott McIntosh, in an opinion piece for the Idaho Statesman. “It’s not inconceivable that Herndon’s bill could set up Idaho as some sort of test case for gay marriage. Who knows what Herndon’s motivations are, but for all the reasons above, don’t be surprised if something more nefarious is in the works.”