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On Tuesday, the Human Rights Campaign launched ‘Project One America,’ a new multi-year campaign aimed at extending lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality throughout the South, particularly in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.

In the video launched with campaign, LGBT southerners talk about the difficulty they faced when coming out within their community. Some people talked about losing their jobs or how they have to pretend to be sisters with their significant other to avoid biases. The southerners in the video look no different from others in the state, yet they face discrimination every day.

When asked why they don’t want to leave their state, the people talk about their friends, closely-knit families and love of the community. The people interviewed for the video end on a positive note, saying that the south can change, though it may take a longer time than in other states.

“People love their Sourthern roots, their families and they don’t want to leave their home. So they are choosing to boldly speak out to effect change,” Project One America Director Brad Clark said, according to the Huffington Post. “The interviews in this video are a courageous testament to the strength of the LGBT people in the South.”

HRC’s kick-off tour for Project One America will end today in Alabama, according to the HRC. HRC President Chad Griffin spoke at events and meetings during the tour which travelled through all three states.

“Today, we are proud to join with the advocates that have been working with Mississippi for decades to begin the next chapter in the movement for LGBT equality,” Griffin said yesterday, according to The Hattiesburg American. “We will work to help heal the wound of inequality that divides this nation today.”

The campaign will focus on getting anti-discrimination bills passed through the states’ congresses.