Houston Chronicle Exposes 'Sexual Misconduct From Churches' 

SFGN Stock Photo

The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News released the first of a three part series into the decades long sexual abuse by volunteers, employees and church leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention.   

The newspaper foundthat since 1998, about 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced allegations of sexual misconduct. More than 700 victims were identified. 

The report shows how church leaders knew of the problem and often times did little to nothing to solve it. They found that some of the offenders even returned to the pulpit. 

The SBC is a network of more than 47,000 autonomous Baptist churches and institutions that voluntarily cooperate with one another. Because of the local autonomy SBC institutions have there is little the national organization can actually do.

Except as the newspapers point out that’s not true.

“Other leaders have acknowledged that Baptist churches are troubled by predators but that they could not interfere in local church affairs. Even so, the SBC has ended its affiliation with at least four churches in the past 10 years for affirming or endorsing homosexual behavior,” reads the article. “The SBC governing documents ban gay or female pastors, but they do not outlaw convicted sex offenders from working in churches.”

Visit HoustonChronicle.comto read the series.