WASHINGTON -- The protester who interrupted the Supreme Court's historic argument over gay marriage is an anti-abortion activist with a history of disrupting public events.

Rives Miller Grogan, 50, of Texas, was arrested Tuesday after he began yelling in the courtroom that supporters of gay marriage "will burn in hell."

Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said he was charged with making a "harangue" or using loud or threatening language in court and demonstrating with the intent of interfering with the administration of justice.

Grogan disrupted court proceedings in 2006 when the justices heard arguments over the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Arberg said he had faced similar charges nine years ago, as well as charges of assaulting a police officer.

More recently, Grogan made headlines in 2013 when he climbed a tree near the U.S. Capitol, shouted loudly during President Barack Obama's inaugural address and refused to come down for several hours. He was convicted on misdemeanor charges and ordered to stay away from the U.S. Capitol grounds.

He's been convicted at least five times since 2006 of disorderly conduct and similar charges, according to court records.