With parents and friends like these, who needs enemies?

If there was any unpleasantness around your holiday table this year, Regina Griggs, head of the Ex-Gay "support group" Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), is putting the the blame squarely where she believes it belongs - on gay or transgender family members.

"The holidays can be a difficult time for families, especially if sons or daughters declare that they are homosexual or transgender," writes an end of the year money begging email from PFOX. "As a result, stress, sadness or even anger may surface at holiday dinners or New Year's celebrations."

The email, which is filled with Griggs' signature blame-placing and self-denying rhetoric, encourages parents to tell their LGBT child that they're thinking things over before loving or accepting them.

"Parents need to ask their child for time to think through their feelings, just as they did, and then set aside a time after the holidays when the family can discuss how to keep the family together and respect and allow for differences of opinion," she writes.

"The holidays are also a time when homosexual children may want to bring home a partner, and many choose the holidays as a time to come out, knowing that their families may postpone a conversation to keep peace," Griggs added. "Parents should be prepared to set boundaries-the same as they do for single, heterosexual children. Plan events that your child enjoyed when growing up, involve your child in activities, and agree to discuss your feelings about their declaration after you've had time to think things through." 

In December 2014 PFOX got national exposure for putting up a billboard next to highway I-95 in Richmond, Virginia. The billboard featured the text "Identical twins: One gay. One not. We believe twin research studies show nobody is born gay," in between photos of two men, seemingly identical twins. Both images on the billboard were stock photos of one man who identified himself as being "openly gay and happy my entire life," and criticized PFOX and their billboard.