Satan has been a busy Bee(lzebub) these days!

According to one hate group leader, if the Supreme Court decides in favor of marriage equality when the landmark case reaches the bench this spring, the gays will owe the dark lord a debt of gratitude,Right Wing Watch reports.

Speaking on her daily radio bulletin Thursday, Linda Harvey of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designated anti-gay hate group Mission America put a call out to her faithful followers to pray that the high court will rule against equal marriage rights.

"Pray that those who have common sense and a grasp or morality will not be swayed by the schemes of Satan to deceive, divide and destroy," Harvey urged.

Further claiming that "lives will be damaged just as they are now by the exaltation of sexual sin in our nation and especially in the lives of our children." Harvey also said that Christians should be prepared to resist the "unconstitutional, unlawful decision."

She further prayed that the "eyes of America will open to the ungodliness of homosexuality and sexual sins of all kinds and we will turn from the elements in our culture that are driving this."

According to Harvey, Satan has been behind a lot these days. Earlier this month in response to GLSEN's annual "Day of Silence" to address and combat bullying of LGBT students, Harvey claimed that the Dark Lord himself had "devised a way to enter the public schools and paint faithful Christians as the enemy and advocates of deviance as heroes protecting children."

From our media partner EDGE