According to Right Wing Watch, Tony Perkins, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center designated anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, warned followers Tuesday that compliance with anti-discrimination ordinances (for instance, baking a cake for a gay wedding) was tantamount to "involuntary servitude."

"I think we're getting close to the point if they move to continue to force Christians to engage in behavior that violates their moral conscience and convictions - it's almost like involuntary servitude," Perkins said during Tuesday's broadcast of FRC Radio's Washington Watch program in reaction to the case of the Oregon baking company recently found in violation of the state's non-discrimination law for refusing service to a lesbian couple.

Perkins called on followers to engage in "civil disobedience" to fight for their right to discriminate.

"Maybe we're coming to the point of civil disobedience, of saying, 'no, we won't go,'" the self-styled modern day Nat Turner of religious bigotry said. "They're going to push and there will come a point [where] there will be pushback."

Comments like these are par for the course for Perkins, who according to Right Wing Watch recently likened looking at photos of gay people on Facebook to anti-Christian persecution In June 2014, Perkins drew a comparison between "forcing" Christians to make cakes for gays to sending Jews into boxcars to be sent to concentration camps.

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