(EDGE) If Reagan came back from the dead and heard what Scott Lively was saying about him, he'd probably never stop throwing up.

Pastor Scott Lively, the hate group leader currently being charged with crimes against humanity for his part in the formation of Uganda's infamous "kill the gays" law, is taking a post-Trump inauguration victory lap. He is now pushing the new conservative presidential administration to adopt a "separation of LGBT and State" policy that he outlined during his failed bid for Governor of Massachusetts.

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In a piece where he likened President Ronald Reagan to Russian President Vladimir Putin published to his website on Sunday, Lively wrote:

"The problem is that government has put its thumb on the scale favoring the LGBT agenda, while Christians are limited by the so-called 'Separation of Church and State,' a phrase not found in our Constitution, but which has nevertheless been determined by activist judges to be the law of the land."

Lively then went on to liken President Ronald Reagan to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"President Trump has very publicly aligned himself with two strong leaders whom I also admire," Lively wrote.

"The first is President Ronald Reagan," he stated. "Like Mr. Trump, Ronald Reagan rightly had a high level of respect for homosexuals as persons, but as President, Reagan recognized his duty to protect society from the destructive "gay" agenda, whose goal since the Stonewall Riots of 1969 is not tolerance but absolute cultural supremacy."

"The second is President Vladimir Putin..." he continued. "[I]n Putin's Russia of today as in Reagan's America of the 1980s, an LGBT sub-culture thrives in the shadows outside the mainstream culture but has no power to promote its agenda in public schools or to enrich itself from the public treasury."