In a move reminiscent of Anita Bryant and her 1977 "Save Our Children" campaign, which aimed to make the firing of openly gay public school officials mandatory, Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition is calling for a ban on transgender teachers, Right Wing Watch reports.

On Monday's edition of Sandy Rios' "American Family Radio" program, Lafferty feigned sympathy with transgender students that she called "confused," and said that transgender teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach at all.

"These individuals are psychologically unhealthy and they shouldn't be teaching in the class," Lafferty told Rios.

"We know these people are trouble and they need help," she continued. "But they shouldn't be put in the classroom."

Designated as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Lafferty's Traditional Values Coalition was a major proponent of California's Proposition 8.

In 2013, Lafferty likened Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman's statement that he changed his views on marriage equality because his son was gay to accepting drunk driving as a lifestyle.

"My child is a drunk driver," Lafferty said. "That has personalized the issue for me and taken me above the whole discussion of the morality of it. It is now personal with me."

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