Linda Harvey, founder and president of the Southern Poverty Law Center designated anti-gay hate group Mission America, took to the airwaves to warn the faithful that God's judgement will be on the nation because of Planned Parenthood and gay pride parades, Right Wing Watch reports.

"Well, you know, and many people would say that the signs are all here that we are reaping some of God's judgment," Harvey said. "I believe that the fact that we are being shown in no uncertain terms what abortion is all about, what homosexuality is all about -- they're parading down our streets, we have hundreds of thousands of people that come to the Columbus gay pride parade, and you can see what they're parading, it's horrendous. And the Boy Scouts are now on board with this and they're in these parades."

Harvey's comments were prompted by Right to Life radio host Molly Smith's comments that there were some vaguely rainbow colors in the background of a promotional video put out by an Ohio Republican group.

RWW notes that Harvey predicted that opponents of gay rights will eventually be forced to go to jail.

"It is going to cost," Harvey said. "Not simply reputation, but it may cost you a job or money. Down the road, it may cost people their freedom, there may be jail involved."

If Harvey's rhetoric sounds off-kilter, it's downright sane compared to previous statements she's made in the past.

In January 2014, EDGE reported that Harvey claimed that Satan was responsible for transgender actress/advocate Laverne Cox's efforts to promoted transgender rights.

In April, 2015, EDGE reported that Harvey put a call out her faithful followers to pray that the United States Supreme will rule against equal marriage rights. Earlier that month, in response to GLSEN's annual "Day of Silence" to address and combat bullying of LGBT students, Harvey claimed that the Dark Lord himself had "devised a way to enter the public schools and paint faithful Christians as the enemy and advocates of deviance as heroes protecting children."