When you’re young, Halloween can be an exciting time. A night to run around the neighborhood disguised as your favorite beloved characters, receiving treats as you travel from door-to-door.

However this season, Alexander Day wanted to show that the holiday is not just merely dress-up for some children, but rather a time to show that they are heroes no matter who they choose to be.

The 2-minute digital PSA, titled “My Heroes,” was written by Day and Brian Carufe and produced by the team at Landwirth Legacy Productions as means to challenge gender stereotypes when it comes to children's Halloween costumes.

Viewers watch as two parents gear up their children for a night of trick-or-treating. However, it’s the heartfelt moment with the father whispering “my heroes,” as he says goodnight to his son dressed as Wonder Woman and daughter dressed as Batman, that’ll have you reaching for the box of tissues.

Day, a Naples resident, saw this as a perfect opportunity to tell young boys that they are powerful in whatever they want to be this Halloween, but also making sure to not show it through a dramatic lens.

“One of the challenges with this was obviously highlighting the gender reversal but in a way that it was subtle and “normalized” without making it a big deal but also showing that it is a big deal,” said Day. “We also wanted this to not just be about the boy dressed as a girl, but also that the daughter dresses up as Batman and not Batgirl. For some reason girls dressing up as boys is more “normalized” and “accepted” whereas it’s not for a little boy.”

Carufe is quick to point out that, although, their video was meant to be representative of the LGBT community, the message conveyed is one everyone can get on board with.

“While we made the film knowing it would resonate with the LGBT community, it carries a message that's universal, namely being comfortable and confident in every life choice regardless of the opinions of others. That's a message all brands should be able to get behind,” said Carufe.

As for Day, he hopes that through this short clip, children can find hope and discover that the one thing they shouldn’t fear this Halloween is being themselves.

“Children are our future. Our next heroes moving forward. And we should want them to be whoever they want to be” said Day. “I hope this video shows that yes, a boy can be Wonder Woman, and look just as good as anyone else.”

The production team encourages everyone to show their heroes this Halloween by using the hashtag #MyHeroes on social media.