An 88-year-old grandmother’s response to her anti-LGBT son went viral on Twitter this week.

Twitter user Minovsky said his father complained about there being too many gender and sexual identities, according to PinkNews. In the same tweet, Minovsky explained his grandmother’s response, which told his father to be more understanding.

“The way things are now is better than when people had to hide away or killed themselves because nobody understood who they were,” she said in response according to Minovsky. “Respect costs you nothing.”

Twitter users later responded to the tweet by calling Minovsky’s grandmother “woke.” Others joked about collecting sexual and gender identities like trading cards.

“*opens pack* ‘Aw, dammit, another bisexual,’” Twitter user Piedunk tweeted. “What'd you get?”

Minovsky responded to them by saying she’s just trying to be more understanding.

“I wouldn’t describe my grandma as ‘woke’, but she’s got bi and trans grandkids, and has been open minded and willing to learn if it means her family is happy,” he tweeted. “That’s all any of us can really ask for.”

The tweet received over 162,000 likes and 44,000 retweets.