#GoWithPride Campaign Prompts Car Club Member To Cancel

#GoWithPride Via SFGN

A Thousand Oaks, California man is canceling his membership in the BMW Car Club of America due to brand’s promotion of World Pride. 

In the Sept. 2019 issue of Roundel Magazine, the official magazine of BMW Car Club of America, a brief appeared publicizing BMW of North America’s launching of its #GoWithPride campaign. The campaign was in support of World Pride NYC and the LGBTQIA+ community and pictured home goods designer and gay man Jonathan Adler leaning against a rainbow striped BMW M Series 850i.

“Please cancel my BMW CCA membership IMMEDIATELY, and do not send me any further information regarding the club or BMW,” wrote Gerald Arcuri of Thousands Oaks, California in a letter to the magazine’s editor. 

Arcuri had been a club member for almost 30 years. He went on to write that the club had “morphed” from a technical, automotive and sports focused group to one more interested in being well-thought-of, clever and witty. 

“The last straw, for me, is BMW NA wading into political correctness, and issues of social justice, like so many ‘woke’ companies,” Arcuri wrote. “It was bad enough when they decided to participate in San Francisco’s Pride Day Parade. But now there’s BMW NA’s launch of #GoWithPride campaign. Some of us hew to an older definition of the word pride.”

“Sigh. I’m sorry to lose a member, but I find your attitude so offensive that I am surprised that you had joined our community in the first place,” responded Satch Carlson, Roundel Magazine editor-in-chief. “Oh dear -- I fear that it may be too late to herd these folks back into the closet, now that they’re getting uppity and demanding (gasp) social justice. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.”